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Ricardo Preve began his film career in the early 2000s as an associate producer on some feature films. Since then, he has worked as a director, producer and scriptwriter in nearly thirty productions for film and television, which have received awards and recognition at international festivals.

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2014 / TV Show

El Francés

Private investigators are part of a detective agency in Punta del Este. The star is a mysterious character known as "El Francés". Vera, the owner of the agency, is surprised to learn that El Francés was murdered under mysterious circumstances, and she must immediately think about how to replace him so as not to jeopardize an important investigation that he was carrying out. 


2013 / TV Show


Willy is a 40-year-old man who lives in Garzón, a small rural town in Uruguay.  One day, someone brings him a Citroën Mehari to repair, and Willy realizes that it is the Mehari he had when he met Angélica, his first love, in the 80s. He finds out that Angélica now lives in Montevideo and begins a trip to get to a farewell party for her and her husband. 


2009 / Feature film

After the 2001 Argentine crisis, Fernando moved to the Uruguayan coast village of José Ignacio to start a new life as a writer. There he meets Marina, a surf teacher who lives in Italy, but who returns to José Ignacio in the summers to teach. Marina is the complete opposite of Fernando. And younger: in her thirties. Little by little the attraction between them ends in a passionate love. With the end of summer, the days get shorter, the water colder, and life more difficult.

2009 - XII Punta del Este Film Festival, Uruguay / BEST SELLING FILM

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2007 / Short film

It is the night of August 3, 1849 and Anita Garibaldi, a young Brazilian woman, escapes through the swamps of northern Italy with her husband, Giuseppe Garibaldi. Austrian soldiers pursue them. Despite her pregnancy, thirst and exhaustion, Anita fights to maintain her legendary courage and dies as a hero. Mother, lover, battle partner and friend of the Italian hero, Anita will never give up through a night of deadly fights, chases and a game of hide-and-seek in a dark swamp.

2008 - Short Film Festival of India, Chennai & Guwahati, India / WINNER: Best International Short Film


2006 / Short film

General Martín Güemes, hero of Argentine independence, is dying during the last night of his life, June 16, 1821. He had been seriously wounded by the Spanish royal forces. His sister and main assistant, Macacha Güemes, arrives to see him. The conversation on his deathbed ranges from recrimination to justifications, from tears to jokes, and from politics to childhood memories.  It is an intimate look at the death of a man, and the love of a sister.

2007 - XXII Mar del Plata International Film Festival, Argentina / OFFICIAL SELECTION

Adiso querida luna.jpeg

2003 / Feature film (Co-production)

Adiós, Querida Luna

In the future, apocalyptic floods will affect Planet Earth. According to a scientist, this is due to the influence of the Moon on the Earth. The Argentine government, without consulting world powers, launches a space mission called "Adiós Querida Luna" to destroy the moon, thus establishing itself as a leader in global affairs. Three astronauts -two men and one woman- go into space on the "Estanislao", the pride of the Argentine space fleet. 

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