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Some reviews about Ricardo Preve's documentaries:

''A very interesting documentary by Ricardo Preve...'', Catalina Dlugi, EL PORTAL DE CATALINA

''This story moves you to tears for many reasons, ''it has a heart'', and maybe it can be felt and valued even more because the author's voice is constantly present. Rough stories that need to be told and only a few are actually capable of getting it done.'' ESCRIBIENDO CINE

''A human adventure told with the precision that a good story requires, without falling into dramatic highlights and sticking to what really matters in each scene.'' REVISTA NOTICIAS

''Simple, melancholic and with a touching outcome, that's what Ricardo Preve's new documentary is all about, an Argentine with a good heart...''. ÁMBITO FINANCIERO



Sometime, Somewhere

The stories of immigrants who are forced to come to Virginia, USA, due to climate change, drug violence, and poverty are unique to each individual, but form a network of common pathways of fear, courage, and hope.

2022 / Feature film

Argentine Egyptologist Dr. Abraham Rosenvasser organized between 1961-1963 three archeological expeditions to Sudan, to rescue from the waters of the Aswan dam on the Nile river, treasures of ancient civilizations, and bring them to the Natural Science Museum of La Plata, Argentina.

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2019 / Feature film

During World War II, the Italian submarine Macallé was wrecked in the Red Sea. Petty officer Carlo Acefalo died on the island, and was buried by his companions. 80 years later, a team salvages Carlo's remains, bringing them back to his hometown.

2015 / Feature film

Welsh settlers arrived in southern Argentina in 1865, but not all of the them survived. Recently discovered skeletal remains could be from a Welsh woman who died there that year. This documentary tells us how some human remains can close the circle of a fascinating story that connects two worlds.

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2014 / Reality TV Episode for Discovery Channel / Speed Channel

Chrome Underground

Yusuf and Antonio are not your typical car buyers. They work in places other car buyers wouldn't even think to visit - they travel to dangerous countries in search of rare vintage cars. The gains can be immense, but so can the risks. Will our boys be able to succeed in the challenge? 

2013 / Episode for ''Witness'' / Al Jazeera English

Documentary filmed in Chaco and Santa Fe, Argentina, about Dr. Gustavo Farruggia and his fight against Chagas disease in a forested region known as "The Impenetrable". With a trailer featuring Argentine soccer player Leo Messi.


2006 / Short film

Esperanza Means Hope

Two American college students formed an organization in the Dominican Republic. Their work on the streets of Puerto Plata with Haitian children, who have lost their identities by giving up their real names for fictitious ones, is achieved through street censuses and is based on helping them regain their pride by teaching them to read and write, and recover their personal histories.

2005 / Feature film

Chagas: A Hidden Affliction

Filmed in Argentina, the United States and Europe. This documentary is a voice for those who suffer from Chagas disease, and for those who are looking for a cure for this disease that affects 20 million people worldwide, but is practically unknown to international audiences.

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2004 / Feature film (Co-production)


Mondovino is a testimony against the globalization of taste. The film pits the small "terroiristes", the defenders of the "terroir" that give the wine its local identity and its soul, against the corporate wineries more interested in promoting a brand, and charging fortunes for it, than in defending the flavors and local traditions. 

2003 / Feature film (Co-production)

Tango, A Strange Turn

Musical that tells us the stories of young tango artists who narrate their experiences and their relationship with tango. Eight groups of musicians and dancers of the new generation, each filmed on locations that intertwine with their stories. The music is accompanied by informal conversations that allow us to learn about the lives and thoughts of the musicians and dancers.

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